Recent Riley and Company Articles

  • Tax Basis of Common Property
    Do associations have any basis—tax or otherwise—in common property? This issue often sparks debate among board members and their advisers.
  • Key Components of a Business Budget
    Many owners of small to midsize businesses don't create a budget or don't update the one they have, typically because they're too busy or simply not focused on sticking to a budget
  • Morphing a ma and pa shop into a professional family business
    When a company is referred to as a mom and pop operation, you might envision three or four family members working in a back garage assembling a product the family's patriarch invented. This setup may work fine during the company's infancy, but for it to
  • Renting out your vacation home brings tax complications
    If you rent out your vacation home for 15 days or more, you must report the income. But exactly what expenses you can deduct depends...
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