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One of the specialties that define our reputation as a leader is that we offer a comprehensive support system in financial areas that may involve litigation. Riley and Company, Inc.'s experienced professionals have testified as expert witnesses in various proceedings including fraud, valuations, due diligence and compliance audits, divorce matters and other financial disputes.


Fraud, being the most common, can occur in any aspect of human behavior. Your system of internal controls and a watchful eye are the best deterrent to preventing fraud. But people are creative and if they desire to steal from you they will find a way.


When you are in a situation where fraud is suspected, more than a mere examination of a business’s books may be necessary. A fraud investigation is much more detailed than a routine audit, delving into every area of business’s financial practices. In some cases it even becomes technical requiring the extraction of deleted material from a hard drive.


Fraud investigation usually turns on finding anomalies. People don’t always steal money or other assets of your business one way. In one case, a person might have been paying themselves, in another case paying a company that they own or paying off their debts with your money.


In the words of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, “Fraud can creep into your business in a number of ways. You may find you need an objective expert to deter potential problems, investigate allegations or provide resolution.”


A trained objective expert would be a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE). A CFE is a credential awarded by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. A licensed fraud examiner is trained to understand how and why fraud occurs. Our veteran auditor and shareholder, Scott Miller, is certified not only as a public accountant but also as a Fraud Examiner and Valuation Analyst. He is an effective communicator and has the ability to make complex financial issues understandable to a judge or a jury.


At Riley and company, when we are asked to assist with fraud investigation, we understand the dimensions of the task. We welcome the challenge, and we face it with confidence that only comes from the intersection of experience and ability.


As our many satisfied clients know, you can Rely on Riley.

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Riley and Company, Inc. provides financial services to a number of industries, including businesses, government entities, homeowners associations, and non-profits.

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